Jonathan Myles-Lea

Painter of country homes and gardens

Jonathan Myles-Lea is one of the UK's leading landscape painters. With clients that include Prince Charles and the Oppenheimer family, he employs oil paints and meticulous techniques to capture the most beautiful and historic homes around the world. His bird's eye views of Burghley (pictured left, on the wall of the house it portrays), Highgrove and The Laskett in Herefordshire have led scholars to describe him as the successor to Rex Whistler, and the Bodleian Library in Oxford
is acquring his archive, regarding his work as 
'an important continuation of the English landscape tradition'. 


Jonathan is now based in LA, and is available for commissions.

Continuing in a centuries-old tradition, 21st-century British artists work to commission to record the most beautiful houses and landscapes in Britain, Europe and America. Their paintings will enter the canon of great art and adorn the walls of private homes across the world. 


Experience the English country-house lifestyle